Erpisto Deli POS System let you to serve the best and more in small interval of time to fulfill maximum custom requests. Deli POS System helps the patrons to cut down the time they utilize for purchasing. It provides a secure, economical and continuous process of payment. Deli POS System will help you in performing variable tasks and at the end of the day will provide you with the information which will help you to make management decisions. Erpisto deli POS system is your best companion during the peak times.

Along with Deli POS system, Erpisto Inventory Management helps you to keep your inventory stocked. To keep your customers coming back again and again, cater them with the rewards through loyalty programs. You can have the history of your buyer’s visit, taste and preferences. To take your Deli to the new levels of success, you just need to upgrade your system with Erpisto Deli Point of Sale Software.

Erpisto Deli POS Key Features

  • Erpisto solution tracks the stocks of each ingredient so that you can have a better idea that when and how much you have to restock the ingredients.
  • Erpisto solution assist you in predicting the exact delivery time and track the whole delivery process till the goods reaches the end point.
  • Erpisto Deli POS system let the customers to skip the queue and place order through mobile right from their tables.
  • Erpisto solution manages the complete portfolio of customer’s preferences and visit history.
  • Erpisto ensures the fast communication by directly integrating scale to the POS.
  • Erpisto solution drills down to the individual ingredient and examine the stock levels.
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