Event management is a task of great responsibility and activeness. Erpisto has designed Event Point of Sales software to manage the hectic responsibilities of fast paced events. Erpisto assist you in managing number of transactions without a hitch. It provides you the best traits to cover and manage all the aspects of your sales event. The always ON mode trait ensures the continuity of the sales process in loss of internet or power shortage. This will save you from losing the potential customers. Erpisto assists you and your customers to get out of the line system and do the trading by just a single click.

Erpisto Event POS software provides real time comprehensive analysis of all the activities happening in the event. This will help the higher officials and the management team to monitor the event quite easily. Erpisto Inventory Management Software will act as a compatible companion to keep the stocks at the right level. Upgrade your system with Erpisto Event POS system to streamline your management operations and to raise your profit bars.

Erpisto Event POS Key Features

  • Have knowledge of what your customers have bought in the past and what are their preferences for the future through Erpisto CRM.
  • Carry out your transactions even during the internet slow down or power shortage.
  • IPAD synchronization is one of an amazing trait of Erpisto POS system in which you can place an order from one ipad and complete the process from another.
  • Erpisto solution provides you the exact records of inventory so you can have a better idea of when and how much you have to restock..
  • With Erpisto solution you can manage the working hours and payments of workforce with proficiency and precision.
  • The feature of intelligent reporting serve you with comprehensive business reports with the edge of saving your time.
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