Erpisto has developed advance grocery store POS software to replace it with your conventional POS system. It let your customers to experience a seamless checkout process where they can take their groceries home in no time. Erpisto cater you with such an amazing Grocery POS system which merges directly with food safe scale which ensures profitability and avoiding fees. With the advancement in technology and globalization, the cooperate world is progressing on a faster pace and to cope with the pace of world your business needs to be responsive. You perform well when you have a strong backup. With Erpisto grocery POS system you get real time inventory updates and you manage to decide when and how much you need to restock.

Erpisto Grocery POS system has inbuilt option to work coherently with hardware like printers and scanners. Erpisto help you in winning the customers loyalty by having their preferences and purchasing behavior archives through Erpisto CRM. You can also manage to reward your consumers through Erpisto loyalty program.

Erpisto Grocery Store POS Key Features

  • Erpisto reporting and analytics provides you the in depth details of sales and earnings of your business.
  • Go for Erpisto if you want to manage your inventory with proficiency as it assists to let you know about the stocks in real time.
  • Erpisto POS system set multiple tare values to weigh many items together for the single order.
  • Erpisto POS system let you to launch your own grocery club card to attract and retain the consumers.
  • Erpisto makes sure that there should be no hindrance during your transactions with its always ON mode feature.
  • Erpisto ensures the swift communication as it allows the scales to integrate directly to your POS system without the issue of double entry.
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