Erpisto has designed a system for kiosk to meet the unique demands of the cooperate world. Kiosks are considered to be the key factor for companies or businesses. Erpisto Kiosk POS system has all the characteristics that enhance your daily productivity and effectiveness. With just simple clicks you can browse items rooster, customers place order, swipe cards and let the customers to get the receipt in bag or in the mail box. You can even select the modifiers and apply changes according to your own need.

Erpisto let you to make your customers experience an interesting one by showing images against particular item. Erpisto POS system cut your workforce which in return raises your profit margins. Upgrading your kiosks with Erpisto Kiosk POS system will take your business to the next step of success.

Erpisto Kiosk POS Key Features

  • There is no break during your transactions with Erpisto’s always ON mode feature as it keeps your business going on even during internet slow down or power shortage.
  • Erpisto makes your business requirements a priority as it gives you the feature to custom permissions and let you set different access levels.
  • Erpisto manages your stock efficiently and update you as there is a need to restock the products.
  • Organize and manage your workforce and other administrative tasks.
  • Erpisto CRM let you to understand your customer in a better way through archives.
  • Intelligent reporting saves your time and gives you the detailed view of business profits and loss.
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