Erpisto has tried to equip the food industry with its advance technology as other industries are utilizing the fruits of technology. Erpisto Kitchen display system let your restaurant to increase its productivity and efficiency by providing the best service. It let you to automate the orders directly to the kitchen staff which promotes better communication and generate good performance. Kitchen display system assists you to align back the scenes actions. As per the demand of your business you can set up multiple display screens to manage.

At the end of the day Erpisto provides you the detail reports of what you have achieved and what are the forecasts for your business. Upgrade your restaurant with Erpisto KDS to enhance proficiency and activeness. Erpisto KDS is ecofriendly as it discourages the paper waste.

Erpisto Kitchen Display System POS Key Features

  • Sometimes you need to prioritize the certain orders during rush hours. Erpisto has a feature of bump capabilities to change the order priority.
  • Erpisto let you to customize expedite and kitchen view according to your specific needs to make a perfect interface.
  • Order routing trait of Erpisto let you to send the particular order to the targeted KDS where that dish is made in the kitchen.
  • Harmonize with various terminals through secure Erpisto Wi-Fi management network.
  • Erpisto POS system provides you with an automatic counter to track the status of each order.
  • Erpisto all day count of orders let the chefs to prepare the dishes more efficiently.
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