Stadium Point of Sales Erpisto has designed smart and innovative point of sales software which solves the complex business requirements of stadium. It controls operations and let you to add more revenues by providing superior customer services. Managing a stadium is not an easy feat but Erpisto solution has all the features to manage, organize and handle the fast paced and customer centric environment of stadiums. Erpisto solution has all the capabilities to process transactions at a faster pace than any other POS system. It has features of mobile ordering; inventory tracking and Quick book integration which makes it the most efficient and trust worthy POS system. Erpisto Reporting and analytics feature provide you the detailed performance report and help you to save cost, generate revenue and satisfy the customers.

Erpisto Stadium POS Key Features

  • Quick books integration let POS Sales, PO and accounting data to synchronize automatically into quick books.
  • Intelligent Reporting and Analytics let the stadium concession and retail stands to be managed from one console.
  • Stadium display screens can be managed directly from POS.
  • Erpisto facilitates the customers to skip the line and enjoy the comfort of mobile booking.
  • Erpisto keeps your business running through always ON mode feature.
  • Erpisto inventory management keep you updated about inventory levels.
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