Imgessel is striving with its constant quest for brilliance in the design, detail engineering, fabrication, installation, procurement of materials of capacity tanks , bins, Hoppers, Stacks for chemical, process, fertilizer, power, oil and gas plants
Imgessel have qualified specialists, designing your API 650, 620 or AWWA tank.
We utilize AME Tank as design softwares for design the stockpiling tanks and Autodesk Inventor for 3D and detail engineering.
Design calculations are carried out for shell courses, floors, rooftops, and structures for multi-cove arrangements .Calculations are incorporated seismic, inner and outside pressure, and wind stacking.

We outline and draft of API 650 for the accompanying index

  • A: Optional Design Basis for Small Tanksstorage-tank
  • E: Seismic Design of Storage Tanks
  • F: Design of Tanks for Small Internal Pressures
  • J: Shop-Assembled Storage Tanks
  • L: API Standard 650 Storage Tank Data Sheet
  • M: Requirements for Tanks Operating at Elevated Temperatures
  • S: Austenitic Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
  • V: Design of Storage Tanks for External Pressure
  • X: Duplex Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

We design and draft of API 620 for the following appendix

  • L: Seismic Design of Storage Tanks
  • Q: Low-pressure Storage Tanks for Liquefied Gases at -325 F and Warmer
  • R: Low-pressure Storage Tanks Operating Between +40F and -60F


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