Imgessel has vast experience in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of oil and gas field advancement, oil and gas process terminals, and gas storage
Sorts of facilities, however not constrained to:

  • Gathering systems and pipelines
  • 3 Phase Oil, gas and water separation
  • Crude dehydration and desalting
  • Gas and liquids treating
  • Gas compression and drying
  • Gas dehydration, desulfurization and sweetening
  • Water treatment and transfer
  • NGL
  • Effluents treatment, ecological insurance (zero flaring) and crisis flares
  • Control and security: computerization, SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Gas Processing

Imgessel is represented considerable authority in the design and development of world scale gas treatment plants.
Our specialized skill involves gas processing from production facilities both coastal and seaward, for example,
Gas processing and sulfur recovery plants carbon dioxide and sulfur segments expulsion from common gas utilizing chemical or physical solvents:

  • Slug catchers trains Untitled
  • Amine recovery
  • Gas dehydration
  • Gas sweetening
  • Gas and condensate mercury evacuation
  • Pressure stations with outline limits up to 1,000 MM SCFD

Oil Production

Our engineering services around there are mostly engaged in turnkey EPCM arrangements. Imgessel design and builds a wide range of facilities for the improvement of coastal oil and gas fields: From wellheads to treatment plants and from product transportation to export points, covering:

  • Gathering lines
  • Manifolds
  • Gas-oil detachment plants
  • Pumping and compression stations
  • Oil storage
  • Sour oil and gas separation
  • Natural gas processing and treating

Heat Exchangers

IMgessel has admittance to modern softwares for design of shell and tube Heat Exchangers/Air Coolers for different Process Units. IMgessel is equipped for designing, fabricating heat exchangers to the necessities of HTRI and get them produced according to TEMA, ASME etc. IMgessel has work force, aptitude and latest softwares to take into account the different needs of Process Plants.
IMgessel has successfully attempted Design and enhancement of complex Crude/Vacuum Unit Preheat Trains including growth/change/expansion/re-area of Heat Exchangers to suit modified through’ put prerequisites and in addition to meet the predetermined weight drops and process stream terminal temperature necessities
IMgessel has designed Heat Exchangers for up to 160 kg/cm2 and metallurgies of Titanium/SS. Designing for Pre–heat trains, Coolers, Surface Condensers, Feed/Effluent Exchangers and so on, for different Process Units can be given

IMgessel is well equipped and capable for following services for Heat Exchangers:
• Thermal & Mechanical Design
• Preparation of Engineering Drawings
• Assistance to customer for requesting out these Heat Exchangers including survey of offers
• Review/ Preparation of Fabrication Drawings
• Assistance during Fabrication/ Testing/ Commissioning

IMgessel has experienced team for Design and Engineering of Pressure Vessels/Columns of different sorts including Distillation Columns, Knock out Drums/Pots, Separators, Agitators and Vessels under high pressure . These Vessels are designed and fabricated as per ASME prerequisites. Supports/skirt configuration is additionally designed and relying upon the necessities, wind/seismic investigation is likewise done




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