At Imgessel, we are represented ourselves having considerable authority in design, fabrication, rigging, installation and erection of small and large skid mounted packages.Picture6

We have a venture history of giving administrations for best in class skid mounted packages to driving hydrocarbon and process industry and EPC organizations. Our modular methodology makes us stand out from our other competitors. We are well capable of providing flexibility, integration and customization in our design to best suit the available space and customer needs and requirements. Systems can incorporate, for example, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, control boards, complete instrumentation, and custom tanks. From straightforward pumping stations to complex mechanization, each design is exceptionally manufactured to meet individual client necessities. The skid packages are installed with process equipments, pumps, steel structure, JB Boxes, Piping, Cable Routing, earthling cabling.


We have delivered successful skid mounted packages for the followings

  • Chemical Injection Skidsskids2
  • Hydrocarbon skid packages
  • Blower Packages
  • Process Skids
  • Refining units, and dissipation units
  • 2 Phase separator Skids
  • 3 Phase separator Skids
  • Process Equipment Skids
  • Drum Decanting
  • Mixing Systems
  • Sulfur recovery units
  • Seal Pot Barrier Fluid System
  • Demineralized Water Skids
  • Fuel Transfer and Ammonia Process Skids
  • Hydrogenation Systems
  • Pilot Plants
  • Pilot plants of different kinds
  • Polymer generation plants
  • Biofuels Plants


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