InsureQlik Fraud Analytics suite for insurance industry is a fraud detection tool which detects the suspicious claims as the very first noticed of loss and it refers claims automatically to the investigators. You can identify the insurance fraud before claim payment with InsureQlik Fraud Analytics suite. It can have major and positive impact on the loss ratio with the comprehensive approach for the identification of suspicious claims.

InsureQlik Automates Entire Fraud Detection Process

Main focus areas for the successful fraud identification are fast and efficient detection and comprehensive investigations. Fraud analytics is developed to streamline the insurance fraud detection process. InsureQlik fraud detection software combines predictive data modeling technology, identify the search technologies, claims information, fraud indicator business rules and various industry data sources for flagging the suspicious claims as first notice of loss.

InsureQlik Insurance Fraud Detection software allows you to:

  • Workflows streamlining.
  • Make fraud detection early.
  • Right claims identification to put focus on them.
  • Identification of suspicious patterns and participants in the claims.
  • Quick processing of time consuming processes through automation.
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