InsureQlik helps insurance companies leverage information and meet the company goals. Our dedicated team offer world class solutions for insurance industry which combine document management, records management and business process automation in single solution. It let the insurance brokers and agencies manage their content from faxes, print streams, application files, scanned documents and electronic forms to the multimedia files. Health, property and life insurers along with insurance brokers make use of InsureQlik to offer competitive advantage through the streamlined processes, increases internal controls, audit assistance and improved customer service.

Main Features of InsureQlik Document Management Software:

  • It let the insurers streamline operations through the management of content and processes efficiently.
  • For life insurers and insurer brokers managing it, InsureQlik increase productivity and profitability through the integrated workflow management, document management, records management and business process management in single application.
  • It helps the health insurers manage everything and streamline the processes wile meeting the security regulations and compliance standards.
  • InsureQlik Document Management system can integrate with various insurance solutions to simplify the processes within an organization.
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