InsureQlik Billing administration software automates premium billing process, reduce the administrative errors and costs, improve the cash flow and provide enterprise wide transparency for the payments, invoicing and receivables. It let you generate the invoices in PDF format and then send them through email to the designated individuals within broker and assured organization. You can easily manage and track the receivables and drill down according to the need in to individual payments, invoices and shipments.
InsureQlik billing management software calculate the taxes and charges which are based on the specific countries associated with risk and assured ones. You can also make linking with the external credit and electronic funds transfer payment systems to facilitate the payments by the users. Multiple integration options are available with the internal accounting systems.

Main Features of Insurance Billing Software

  • InsureQlik Billing Management software generate the insurance premium invoices in PDF format, excel and through an internal accounting system which is delivered by email based on specific client, billing dates and policy rules.
  • It automatically calculates the adjustments for shipment and storage declarations.
  • You can record the individual insurance premium booking and miscellaneous charges.
  • It let you calculate the charges and taxes based on specific countries which are associated with the risk.
  • It offers billing period reports which include taxes and commissions that are associated with every policy.
  • It tracks accounts receivable with an ability to query into individual payments, shipments and invoices.
  • It provides complete support to agency bill and direct bill invoice methods.
  • It produces quarterly, monthly, semi-annually and annually branded invoices for brokers and underwriters for selected policies and it present the line item details.
  • You can record payments against invoices on complete level and line item level.
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