Insurance Claims Administration Software
InsureQlik insurance claims management software provides the powerful feature for the improvement of speed and efficiency of the claims administration and settlements which certainly enhance customer service and satisfaction. InsureQlik claims administration insurance software let the surveyors, brokers, adjusters, insured and third parties get secured and controlled 24/ 7 access to the policy and claim information online.

Main Features of InsureQlik Claims Management Software:

  • Flexible Access Security feature allows the multi-dimensional access security architecture which let the administrators have personalized access to the specific functional and data which they require.
  • Collaborative platform gives automation tools which let the authorized users collaborate easily in real time for building and processing the insurance claims file. Shipping documents, survey reports, digital photographs and notes can be uploaded and made available to all the parties. Claimants also have an opportunity to view up to date status of the claims at any point of time.
  • Automated Correspondence let you generate and send the letters, subrogation notifications and other related correspondence to handle effortlessly through the use of InsureQlik documentation engine and it draws on information from claim, policy and insurer for structuring a detailed formatted document.
  • Comprehensive audit trail let you manage all the changes to insure the claim data, correspondence, and upload the files which are permanently retained in detailed and easily searchable log.
  • InsureQlik Risk Management Reporting tools provide a wide variety of flexible reporting tools which analyze the insurance claim data, calculate the pro-forma costs with the varied deductibles and isolate the problem areas. All the reports can be generated onscreen in PDF formant and they can easily be downloaded to the Excel files.
  • Extensible Database let you make the claims management module customized without involving much development and they validate an unlimited number of additional data element for future analysis. This capability offers an ultimate flexibility for the use of system in any kind of situation.
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