Insurance businesses need to process things efficiently, quickly and accurately for competing in the market and InsureQlik insurance underwriting software offers you the tools which you require to gain competitive advantage. Our underwriting solution is scalable and flexible and let you handle claims administration and perform risk management for handling large range of business classes. InsureQlik team improves the productivity and reduce overheads to automate the complete business cycle from quotation to accounting process. Our software handles both single and multiple entity models and it accommodates numerous locations as well.

Main Features of InsureQlik Insurance Underwriting Software

  • You can manage submission queues, diaries, task management and reminders which let the underwriters stay on top of their business.
  • Rating engine calculates the premiums by coverage and it tracks and validates the variance from guided or standard rates while applying the discretionary factors or overrides rating.
  • It generates all the policy and quote documents on the basis of intuitive MS work templates.
  • You get built in collaboration tools and e-mail correspondence for the improvement of communication with the agents and other parties.
  • Our insurance underwriter software records history of communications, activities, documents and others to provide full audit trail for reporting and internal purposes.
  • It validates and enforce underwriting authority with collaboration and escalation for resolving blocks.
  • Our underwriting software pulls data seamlessly from the third party providers for inclusion in underwriting process.
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