InsureQlik Insurance CRM software offers pre-defined email templated and automated follow up plans for an insurance industry. When you opt for InsureQlik Sales Management and CRM software for insurance brokers then you get able to get the best practices which are used within an insurance industry. InsureQlik CRM also offers templates for the workflows which automatically email and set follow up tasks, dispositions, email templates and other related features.

Main Features of InsureQlik Sales Management and CRM Software

  • Automation of follow up with the emails and tasks for the leads, clients, referrals and past clients.
  • Integration of leads, website and social media with the system.
  • Notifications from the sales and service representatives through email, phone and text.
  • Referral management to manage leads.
  • Neglected contacts or leads alerts if any lead is neglected by an agent, manager or staff.
  • Auto dialing to let an agent quickly get through the leads and contacts.
  • Contact pop up on screen when contact makes a call and it also allows to use the click to call functionality for the elimination of manual dialing.
  • Email templates can easily be customized to fit the contacts communication requirements.
  • Deals and proposals tracking can be done conveniently to track the progress.
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