360 degree feedback form enables organizations to understand how well their workforce is dealing with the overall plan of their organization.

It also let mangers to access employee progress through performance review and ratings.
PeopleQlik offers amazing HRMS performance management solution that enables organizations to develop and design their own feedback template, select their evaluators, start the procedure and evaluate the received feedback. Evaluators may be their external and internal audience whose comments are essential to their firms

360 Degree Feedback Form

HRMS Performance Management Software

360 Degree Performance Form

360 Degree Performance Questionnaire Design your questionnaire

PeopleQlik HRMS performance management solution allows you to design your custom questionnaires, categorize them, label your evaluator as exclusive or inclusive, elect answer types, mandate answers to questions and end the feedback process.

Initiate 360 Degree Feedback Begin your feedback

Designed feedback templates can be commenced for particular start and end date long with instructions to provide feedback. You can also pinpoint employees to deliver response. Our HRMS performance management has a trait of workflow configurations that allows you to send alerts to labeled evaluators to provide their feedback.

Provide 360 Degree Feedback Provide feedback

Elected individuals can provide response to all sorts of questions by rating the person according to rating scale. Additional comments can also be given to confirm the rankings.

Create 360 Degree Feedback Template Design your feedback template & rating parameters

PeopleQlik performance management solution allows you to design your desired feedback template. You can also associate your classified questions to that template. Our amazing solution supports your existing template and allows you to make modifications by adding/deleting sections or questions within the existing templates. Transparent score calculation is possible by defining rating parameters that define relative score for particular category.

360 Degree Feedback Evaluating feedbacks

After receiving all feedbacks Summary rating report, Comments summary report and 360 degree feedback charts are used to evaluate results.

360 Degree Feedback Report Rating Report Synopsis

PeopleQlik software assists you to scrutinize particular employee ranking against every type of question per evaluator. You can preview results graphically as well as export them to excel.

Evaluate 360 Degree Feedback Evaluator wise combined comments summary

Reports will allow checking grid of comments by specific evaluator about particular employee against each category of question.

Download 360 Degree Feedback A 360 degree feedback

Employee’s individual average position, group average position, individual minimum, maximum range and the overall quartile position for the proficiency can be viewed graphically that provides 360 degree view of employee’s competency.

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