Employees can make variant claims like medical, travel, local conveyance etc. to their organization.

PeopleQlik’s claims and reimbursement software offers numerous setups and forms that enable companies to efficiently handle these claims through payroll. It also helps employees to request and receive these payments.

Claims & Reimbursement System

Claims & Reimbursement Software

Employees Claims & Reimbursement

Types Of Reimbursements Reimbursement types

Generate categories of reimbursements that include comprehensive information about period; carry forward limits, accumulation & eligibility information for each type.

Claims Creation Form Custom define the
claim forms

Employees can submit their claims through custom define the claim forms. You can create these forms using PeopleQlik claims creation form. Employees can fill in all required information and submit their claim.

Setup Reimbursement Eligibility setups

Setup yearly eligibility and monthly ceiling limits against each reimbursement type utilizing our eligibility setups definitions.

Formula Setup Forms Formula setup

Define formulas for approving identifying approvers through PeopleQlik’s formula setup form. The number of approvers depends on claimed amount.

Employees Self-Service Form Self-service

Let your employees utilize their self-service to select claim category. In order to submit claim for approval employees need to provide claim details such as bill number, amount and essential documents.

Payroll Process Processed for payroll

According to claim category eligibility and formulas for approval the claim will be sent to particular approvers and processed for payroll.

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