In order to provide support tracking and compliance as required by authorities

companies need to maintain organizational infrastructure and workforce data within HRMS application. Employees are the backbone for nay organization and in order to maintain employee whole professional life cycle PeopleQlik’s Employee Master Module enable you to keep all information from hire to retire in proper manner.

PeopleQlik application categorizes employee life cycle into 4 categories which are Employee creation, Employee confirmation, Employee movement & Employee separation.

PeopleQlik’s HR solution provides Single Source of Truth about your employees by:

  • Outlining your organization structure & job roles
  • Comprehensive employee demographic information for better decision making
  • Implementing compensation guidelines as per your organizational standard
  • Resist audit & compliance glitches through integrated HR & Payroll solution
Employee Creation Process

Organizations need to record all personal, job and employment information of employees in PeopleQlik’s HR database. Each employee is recognized by a unique code number. It empowers HR team to define custom code generation process according to your distinguished business demands. You can also describe your compensation template according to your organizational infrastructure. Create compensation letters according to job status and grades. Once the employees are created in HR system then through PeopleQlik’s self-service module employees can access and fill in the remaining of their required details.

Employee Confirmation Process

During trail period manually or automatically confirm the employee according to your describe setup in employee confirmation module. Appraisal process is not necessary for confirmation. You can elect type and method of confirmation for your employees through PeopleQlik configuration editor. Start the confirmation appraisal procedure manually or automatically and thoroughly review all appraisal details such as goals, achievements, skills, and ratings etc. with your employees.

Employee Movement

Multi geography business setups send their employees abroad for short term assignments and would like to follow their movement. For this HR needs to generate codes or configuration detail. PeopleQlik enable you to define those codes for your expats and track them accordingly. Transfers, promotions and data changes are also considered as employee movement. Configuration structure of PeopleQlik’s HRMS software allows your employees to move without any inference. Additional pay fields are available to deal with all payroll related changes.

Employee Separation

PeopleQlik’s separation module allows organizations to save all information of employee related to his/her separation from the organization. Whenever an employee submits his/her resignation in self-service module many templates will be prompted for completion process. Once all separation activities are performed the HR will automatically reassign all the codes and roles to another labeled employee. This will put a full stop to employee’s part in the organization and thus deactivated him/her from the firm.

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