Organizations can cherish unlimited business advantages if they continuously nurture their next generation of human resources.

Proper planning and management let organizations to identify and build talent pipeline. PeopleQlik’s succession planning solution caters your this need and equips you with all tools to deal with any hardship. It assists you to identify the positions that require accomplished successors and in addition to this isolate employees from existing workforce that has capabilities to succeed these positions.


  • Pinpoint your key positions and evaluate them impartially
  • Pinpoint potential employees in the organization
  • Look for skilled internal or external candidates who can fill positions
  • Create developmental plans for those who are identified as potential successors
  • Smooth transition to attain better business results with your talent pipeline.
Succession Planning Software

Succession Planning Solution

Succession Management System

Determine Key Roles Determine key Roles

Associate different proficiencies needed to accomplish the particular role to satisfaction by identifying the main positions in your organization. We also help you to outline the peculiar traits required in successor.

Manage Nominations Manage nominations

According to the customized standards, identify potential successors, scrutinize their abilities and utilize system generated Readiness Quotient to make sure that you have nominated the right person.

Development of Talent Pool Development of talent pool

PeopleQlik offers mentor tools that enable you to polish the skills of your nominated candidates. You can also evaluate the productivity of the development program through informal or assessment feedback.

Make an Informed Decision Make an informed decision

PeopleQlik’s succession planning solution enables you to make an informed decision by thorough evaluation of candidate’s developed skills. We help you to finalize the most appropriate successor by analyzing your business needs. Once you have finalized a successor, you can further groom him/her by appointing a coach.

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