The best and easiest strategy to retain your workforce is to recognize their efforts.

Every employee becomes the part of any organization with certain hopes. Despite elementary needs employee requires encouragement to stay determined and motivates. Psychological and motivational element plays a pivotal role in employee’s performance. Some organizations lose the confidence of their workforce as they failed to recognize their employees. To gratify these psychological and motivational needs of workforce PeopleQlik offers an exceptional module of social recognition.

Our social recognition module makes recognition a simple, efficient and economical process. It enables you to engage your employees. We ensure to raise motivation and morale of your employees by providing seamless process of sending a congratulatory note to a fellow employee. With just few clicks you can send virtual rewards or AQ Credit points to individuals, congratulate the whole team or department and attach a photo. PeopleQlik’s social recognition module promotes praising culture in your organization by offering you the easiest ways to recognize each other’s successes.

PeopleQlik Social Recognition module offers the following services:

  • You can easily acknowledge your employee contributions and enable colleagues to appreciate them publicly. In addition, managers can also recognize the efforts made by their team members.
  • PeopleQlik through its social recognition module enables you to maintain positive energy and motivates employees by displaying their recognition on the employee’s wall and preserves the same in organization’s records.
  • Employee can take advantage of their reward points (AQ & Virtual reward points) to earn badges.
  • Employees can enjoy the services Elite Club by earning continuous credits.
  • Employees can convert earned AQ reward points from organization’s e-store.
  • Categorize Employee name, team or organization to compare and analyze top performers.
  • Foster ‘value champions’ by linking recognition with company values and enhancing corporate culture.

PeopleQlik social recognition module provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • Enhance credibility between employees and management.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Acknowledgement motivates employees to perform better
  • Satisfied employees better serve you customers to ensure better customer satisfaction scores.
  • Eradicates stress and increase productivity
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