Manage the most valuable asset- your employees and alleviate.

your talent risk with PeopleQlik’s talent development software as development of your talent is essential for your organization’s sustainability.

Our proficient talent development solution enables you to:

  • Manage your employee development programs
  • Target development programs according to particular requisitions for the jobs
  • Follow development records and assess job effectiveness
  • Highlight ideal skills for a job, isolate talent deficiency and plan development
  • Explore in house talent rather than looking outside

Productivity and efficiency of an organization and its talent has direct proportionality. Design a learning path according to the requirements of your business and workforce in order to improve your talent. PeopleQlik’s talent development solution helps you to concentrate and polish your talent and guarantees that you will never deprived of talent.

Our accomplished talent development solution makes sure training and development programs not only smoothens your workflows but also enables you to be a powerhouse of talent. Outline and support the operational requirements of the talent development process and at the same time follow the consistent learning journey of your employees with PeopleQlik’s talent development solution.

Creating Courses

Describe your course, identify target audience, correlate a faculty and upload training, material through PeopleQlik’s course creation forms. The versatility of our course creation form gives you the liberty to apply the course for particular population by simply identifying applicable performance rating, related departments, locations and etc. You can also associate them to specific group of employees on the basis of performance rating, tenure and training history.

Faculty & Feedback

PeopleQlik helps you to keep the records of your training faculty that includes their personal information experience, skills etc. You can evaluate the effectiveness of training session through participant and faculty’s feedback. We offer post training feedback that that allows managers to access employees on job and give feedback after the completion of training session.

Education & Development

Our CPE/CPD masters (Continuous professional education and Continuous professional development) let you to award points to participants on the basis of their performance and involvement during the training session. It also helps you to define budget and track expenses utilize during learning and development programs.

Scheduling/Cancelling Courses

Training administrators have all the authority to schedule, reschedule or cancel any course. Dates, venue and course details alerts are sent to employees when it is ready for selection. Recommendation process is done either by employees or by their managers. Talent development module has strong affiliation with performance management module as it automatically tags the employees who are recommended by their managers for certain capabilities to the available training courses. Employees can check and register for the most feasible training sessions through location specific calendars.

Attendance & Status

Attendance forms can be used by trainers to record the participants’ attendance. Trainers can update and follow the current status of course. If the participants are lesser or their number has exceeded the batch size, trainers can easily add or remove participants.

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