Success of your projects and organization depends on how perfectly you manage the time of your employees.

Time is money; experts at PeopleQlik take this quote quite seriously. That is why, to handle your customer’s base and project details they have designed amazing time management software. To manage the timings of your workforce perfectly, it enables you to incorporate the solution with different activities and time spent on particular activity.

Timesheet Management System

Time Management Software

Timesheet Management Software

Maintaining customer
base information

PeopleQlik customer master forms empower you to setup your customer base information that includes their name, contact details, designation and status.

Build your project

Highlight project name and business unit of the projects you are engaged with your customers. All this can be done using project master setups.

Map projects to

Associate customers to projects and include the start/end dates, billability status against each.

Identify various activities
of a project

Activity master definition enables you to isolate project activities from non-project activities. Associate it to project that provides billability, milestone and dates information.

Project role master

Setup different roles for your project: developer, tester, manager and label each employee to particular project role and to their reporting person.

Link employees

Assign single or multiple projects to employees for specific time interval. PeopleQlik’s project team deal location screen allows you to break that link at the end of tenure.

Daily & weekly timesheets
of a project

Employees can fill in the hours spent against every activity they performed. They can fill in their daily and weekly timesheets comfortably through self-service pages.

Timesheet expense payout

Identify expense date and amount against each employee for particular time span. It will enable you to anticipate the expenses of the project.

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