Failure to observe employees, compliance and optimization greatly influences the bottom line of your business.

Your HR department is already performing the function of workforce management. But PeopleQlik’s workforce administration solution enables you to improve workforce efficiency by:

  • Managing compliance to absence and attendance
  • Paying according to employee’s performance
  • Having the right number of employees, at right time to deliver exceptional customer services
  • Efficiently examining the time, work and activities
  • Eradicating paperwork and ensure on time expense reimbursements as per company’s policy

PeopleQlik’s Workforce Administration solution enables HR to spend less time on managing employee’s records. Its tracking capabilities let your HR department to eradicate paper work associated with workforce management. It relieves it from the hassles of manual work and empowers to be the part of strategic decision making.

Travel Management

Our travel management solution manages all your employees overseas or local travel activities. It manages every step of travel right from the mode identification, purpose, class of travel to ticketing and accommodation. Easily manages advances, expenses, and disbursement details with our travel expense form.

Time & Attendance

Time and attendance module allows employees to easily record their in time, out time and attendance details.

Timesheet Management

Store customer and project information into HR database and streamline the billing processes by strictly following the time span of employees spent for project through our efficient timesheet management module.

Claims & Reimbursement

PeopleQlik’s claims and reimbursement module offers you a swift way to sort, approve and process your employees bills of LTA, Medical, travel, food and etc. in to payroll. We provide you the comfort by offering the facility for appropriate setups against each reimbursement category and formula setups for efficient payroll processing. We relived you from the hassles to design your own claims form.

Shift & Scheduling

Organizations that work according to their customers working timings need an efficient shift solution that can help them to manage working hours of their employees. PeopleQlik’s shift and scheduling module manages variant shifts of your employees by identifying particular days & weeks when shifts are valid and highlighting official and weekly offs.


Absence management for employees in an organization includes leave balance adjustments, leaves crediting and leaves configuration. Whether it is truncating/transferring leaves, recovering leave from other leave types or any restrictions in applying for leaves, LOP calculations and much more, PeopleQlik’s absence management module has all the traits to handle these tasks efficiently.

Asset Tracking

PeopleQlik offers you assets tracking forms that keep secure record of employees’ asset request details, allocation data and hand over details. It also keeps the record of your organization’s physical assets and their owners.

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