It is vital for the organizations whose workforce is spread globally, to align them to work for one vision.

Alignment ensures that your workforce is on the right track and is working energetically to attain the organizational goals. PeopleQlik equips organizations with strategic tools that enable them to align workflows and workforce with efficiency.

Its robust technology infrastructure allows you to line up company’s aims and structures, at the same time enabling you to adapt business strategies across boundaries. PeopleQlik HRMS software streamlines workflows from CEO, HR, line Managers to employees and ensures two way communication, all aligned to achieve organization’s objectives.

HR Alignment Software

CEOCFOHR Leader / ManagerIT Head / ManagerLine ManagersEmployees
Communicate ideas and policies without delay or distortion across the enterpriseReduce costs of complex employee-centric processesEnhance employee engagementSupport diverse and increasingly complex business-to-employee initiatives through a cost effective and flexible infrastructureIdentify and groom talentFit in with company objectives
Implement enterprise-wide performance cultureGet a rapid return on investmentMeasure employee satisfaction betterBuild on and integrate with your existing systemsAnalyse workflow for strategic planning and alignmentEnsure efficient use of time
Enjoy 2-way communication – solicit feedbackImprove decision-making capabilities by capturing performance metrics previously unavailableEnsure adherence to organizational policies and goalsStretch your IT budget with the latest, reliable technologyBenefit from various reports: Time sheet allocation, actual vs. planned resource utilizationUnderstand functional goals better
Maximize productivityPrevent revenue leakages with an integrated toolAutomate entire employee cycleGet a secure and scalable solution with a portal optionReceive single-click employee snapshot for instant employee viewVoice feedback & concerns
Enhance motivation and commitmentDefine claim codes, maintain balances and verify claims requests from employees and ensure timely reimbursementsEnsure timely appraisals across locationsData Security – PeopleQlik framework provides Role/ Form/ Action/ Field SecurityPerform transparent and objective assessment of subordinates“Self-service” suites for most day-to-day needs – leave management, tours, allowances, transfers, training needs
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