PeopleQlik offers payroll on cloud to let our customers enjoy swift, in time and seamless payroll processing.

It ensures swift payroll processing from anywhere and anytime across the organization. It is exciting, swift, easy to access and incredibly precise. It ensures error free calculations, delivers pay cheque with ease and strongly supports taxation and PF to salary and reimbursements compliance.

Some salient features are:

  • No maintenance or any additional investment required for infrastructure
  • Efficiently handles the complexities of organizations of all sizes
  • Secure and easy to deploy
  • Supports seamless integration with attendance and Leave systems that eradicate useless data entry thus ensuring seamless movement of Absence and Loss of pay data
  • Manage multi Country Payroll in single database
  • Multi-Currency payroll processing allowing for payment of different salary components in different currencies (for Expat personnel)
  • Capable of handling dual pay group and dual pay slips thereby diminishing the need for maintenance of data in multiple places
  • Fully Compliant to statutory regulations of many countries
  • Easily manages your Monthly / Semi-Monthly payroll processing
  • Efficient management of Pay, Overtime and Bonus payment of Employees with different pay dates
  • Security Pay group ensures decentralizing / delegation of pay groups to different process owners
  • Fully integrated Reimbursement , Loan and Leave module ensures perfect calculation of Payables / Receivables
  • Reduce coding / Upgrade dependency with powerful formula builder to handle most Statutory changes
  • Employee Self Service for accessing pay slip, tax declaration, tax computation sheet to eliminate administrative
  • efforts

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