Information technology is the most promising and swiftly growing industry. Technologies have been transformed due to evolution of architecture and variant software platforms. This evolution and alternation is enabling the developers to review application development process.

The advancement in the field of technology is also creating pressure on the information technology (IT) firms to design and develop strong & nimble applications. In contemporary information technology world, your technical skills are at one side but if you want to be successful you should have the x factor of collaboration, accountability, compliance, portfolio and resource management. We have utmost experience in developing market leading software solutions utilizing Microsoft, .NET, oracle and PHP technologies. Our exceptional developers are extremely dedicated and loyal. These remarkable attributes of our developers enable them to work effectively and efficiently.
Technologies Techlopes work on:


Techlopes tries its best to utilize the beneficial technology of Microsoft to develop highly advantageous windows and internet applications. Our exceptional Microsoft experts are trained and experienced enough to provide you with operationally malleable, practically approachable and technically swift solutions.


PHP and MySQL make an incredible pair in development technology. The advent of PHP has transformed the entire pathways of web and applications development. It provides totally different practice approaches of development to developers and empowers them to develop and design something out of the box in an efficient manner.

Open Sources

Open source is an advance method to design, develop and distribute software. It assures the easy availability of software’s source code. Techlopes utilizes the technology of open source that ensures the access to variant manufacturing designs, communication channels and collaborative communities.

Mobile Application

Latest electronic gadget or mobile are the symbols that shows you are moving with the pace of technologically advance world. Today you can easily enjoy benefits and avail chances if you have a contemporary gadget. Techlopes uses the technology of mobile application to keep you updated and enables you to move with the swift world.

Web Design & Graphic Design

You can easily enchant browsers through attractive graphics and striking logo of your website. Techlopes understands the needs and demands of its customers. Our accomplished expert designers think innovative ideas for your website designing. They put all their efforts and experience to deliver something that grabs the attention of users and make your website exceptional among rest of the things.

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