PHP 5.4 and MySQL

PHP and MySQL no doubt makes an exceptionally good combination in the development technology.

All the programs build and carried forward has certainly transited to a different counterpart due to the advent of open source and due to the latest PHP 5.4 version. It is a technology platform which offers a perfect sight for the development practices and it let our developers build large applications conveniently. PHP 5.4 is highly renowned and an open source scripting language and it allows you to apply codes in effectual and handy manner for building dynamic server side applications.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP has certainly made a great impact on the programming concepts of developer’s right from its inception. It is highly inspired by Ruby on Rails framework which makes it easy for all the developers to approach open source application development.

Code Igniter

Code Ignitor is the most renowned and highly recognized technology right now. It offer a planned system to build the websites through the use of PHP and our developed at Techlopes are highly experienced to meet the requirements of clients related to code igniter.


Symfony is the top most choice for all the people who want rapid development. It is regarded as an important frameworks that is written on PHP and it has certainly embodied a highly optimized avatar with the Symfony 2.

Zend 2

Zend framework 2 is attributed with the enhanced features which take the technology heritage to high levels of success. It is right now addresses as the leading web development frameworks as Zend framework 2 utilizes futuristic PHP 5.3 features with an exceptional ease.


Yii framework is one of the most sought after frameworks in PHP. It helps you to develop ingenious web 2.0 applications through the use of high performance facilities available in this framework. Yii framework expertise definitely gives a sharp edge to our development in PHP development field.

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