CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, which is used in building dynamic websites with PHP.

It is specifically made for developers who need simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured websites. It is highly popular among the developers due to its easy-to-use tools and interactive interface where you can use and apply your logics and creativity effortlessly. The technology proponents provided by CodeIgniter has been fully utilized in developing various applications for small and large businesses. We ensure that the CodeIgniter services provided by Techlopes are highly inventive and result-oriented, producing a range of applications and websites for businesses as per their specific requirements.

Features of CodeIgniter

  • It is a model-view-controller (MVC) based system.
  • Provides comprehensive data and form validation.
  • It is extremely light and fluid.
  • Provides authentic process management.
  • Provides efficient data encryption.
  • The pagination provided is dynamic.
  • Supports live database.
  • URL routing is flexible.
  • The URL’s are SEO friendly.
  • Provides high-level of security and XSS filtering.
  • Provides support for multiple classes and library.

Benefits of CodeIgniter

  • CodeIgniter is one of the frameworks which has a really small footprint of 2MB including the user guidelines.
  • It provides exception performance and consistently outperforms its competitors.
  • It provides clear documentation and user guide in order to ease the developers and provide a better understanding of it.
  • CodeIgniter is extremely easy to learn and get proficient with.
  • It provides compatibility with standard hosting as well as the most common ones including MySQL.
  • It requires nearly zero configuration as most of it is done by convention.
  • It comes with a simple, substituting based templating tool.
  • It provides simple solutions over complexity and therefore, encourages MVC, not force it.
  • It provides lean MVC framework with enough capabilities to improve your productivity along with providing third-party plugins/add-ons for additional functionality.
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