Symfony 2

Symfony is a PHP based web application framework for MVC applications. It is a set of reusable PHP components and its aim is to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications along with replacing repetitive code. Symfony 2 provides users with a completely different experience with its offbeat auto-loading features as well as a highly improved and dynamic console.

It has provided developers with a framework that offers more predictable, testable and stable environment as well as easy accessibility. Symfony 2 gives developers full control over the configuration from foreign libraries to directory structures almost everything can be customized. It provides with additional tools to help developers debug, test and document projects. Symfony 2 also supports bytecode caches allowing low-performance overheads.

Symfony 2 development at Techlopes is supported by the most authentic supplies of technology and brains. We at Techlopes have adopted this technology with great coalition of thought and skills. It is conferred with the right knowledge of the platform and well-defined solutions approach. By connecting the development elements in Symfony development, we make sure that no deviations are left in the optimum support and possibilities provided by MVC paradigms and the utility derived and lastly the solution conceived. Symfony 2 provides integration with different tools and a flexible engine support.

Features of Symfony 2

  • Provides an MVC based open source framework.
  • The core architecture is improved.
  • Provides better integration with tools like IDEs.
  • Works seamlessly with third-party application frameworks.
  • Provides a flexible template engine support.
  • In order to allow low-performance overheads, bytecode caches are supported.
  • Allows extreme levels of Customization.
  • Additional tools are provided to help with debugging, testing and documenting projects.
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