Techlopes Web Design and Graphic Design

A well-crafted logo and high quality graphics always do wonders in order to attract visitors to your website. Techlopes experts totally understand the requirements of the client and our graphic designers offer creative solutions for the graphic design requirements and they have an ability to provide you the eye catching and innovative layouts to let your website stand ahead in the competition.

Techlopes possess team of highly competent programmers, illustrators and animators who have already served many clients. Our experts can easily design and redesign the overall appearance of the website. Techlopes has a strong portfolio of websites which ours experts have designed for our clients and they are highly praised for their work.

Adobe Photoshop

It is one of the leading graphic design application and Techlopes experts have an expertise and skills to do an exceptional digital image editing, graphics and other related multi-media requirements.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is another specialized multimedia platform which is the sole proprietary of the macromedia and it is developed by the adobe systems. Adobe flash has really become a successful tool to add interactivity and animation to a large number of web pages according to your need.


HTML 5 is regarded as one of the superior applications to offer powerful API support for extensive file access and integration. It provides seamless connectivity for better communication and a real time access. It offers advanced update options including the web GL HTML 5 and canvas element which let it support HD graphics without any dependency on the JavaScript and CSS.


Cascading Style Sheets which in short referred as CSS let you make your web HTMLs look stunning. It works in collaboration with markup languages including HTML and DHTML which describe the presentation semantics of a web page.

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