Adobe Flash

Techlopes utilizes amazing adobe flash platform for developing digital media content such as graphics, animation, videos and enchanting media.

You can use adobe flash not only to show content on web pages but it can also be used for other apps. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform acquired by Macromedia and currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. It is a well-known procedure to add animated in attractive material on web pages. You can integrate videos into web pages and can design feature rich internet applications with extraordinary Adobe flash. Exploiting exceptional features of adobe flash you can create animation, ads and variant web pages elements.

There are two ways to utilize flash content. One way is to implant SWF file in web page utilizing special HTML code. For this flash player should be installed on the other end. The second way is to provide the content on CD or DVD by developing the content as standalone executable files. It has amazing traits of new interface, flash video importer; enhance skinning, flawless Photoshop integration etc. You can have amazing, interactive and attractive animation for your webpages through adobe flash Object-based animation, 3D transformation Procedural modeling with Deco and Spray Brush, Metadata (XMP) support, Authoring for Adobe AIR, XFL support, Inverse kinematics with the Bones tool, Motion editor, Motion presets and H 264 support. Flash authoring program or third party applications can be helpful in developing flash content.


  • Fresh Interface
  • A Flash Video Importer
  • Enhanced Skinning of elements
  • Easy export of motions and animations
  • Flawless integration of Photoshop
  • Gain complete control over specific animation qualities with object-based animation.
  • Transforms signs into instant design tools
  • Through adobe flash player runtime with adobe media encoder you can easily transform any file to any format
  • Target more audience across more devices with fresh integrated attribute of to publish to adobe air runtime
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