Hypertext markup language (HTML) 5 allows mobile, gaming, business or every facet of design to be more responsive and rich. It is an amazing addition to the world of web and graphic designing.

It is an amazing tool that represents and interprets your vision and ideas in a better way to the world of men and machines. The outstanding 5th version of hypertext markup language (HTML) – HTML5 is becoming popular due to its amazing features. It provides tenable advantages to designing stream. It also supports high performance and creation of pertinent patterns. Heavy file integration and access is possible with API support provided by hypertext markup language (HTML) 5. It offers in time grant and enhance communication through flawless connectivity. Great graphics is possible without the dependence on cascading style sheet (CSS) and java Script through latest updates like canvas elements and web GL HTML 5. Hypertext markup language (HTML) 5 is highly functional and resourceful in designing latest web pages. It has a unique feature of adding more elements to its design kit.

Techlopes utilize hypertext markup language (HTML) 5 to create innovative designs according to the needs and requirements of the users. Supporting creative and enchanting web propositions Techlopes has exploit HTML 5 to develop solutions that perfectly match the demands of multimedia graphic. Our professionals are expert in developing the solutions that are user friendly, compatible with search engines and support web browsers. Hypertext markup language (HTML) provides the services of comprehensive HTML 5 development, PSD to HTML & CSS 3 coding, integration into cloud, prototyping, application development, UI design and much more.


  • Effective connectivity
  • Asynchronously read files
  • Robust APIs
  • Quick bulk storage capacity
  • HTML’s new template tags and media elements
  • Advanced audio and video support
  • Leveraging 3D graphics support
  • CSS3 based rich application
  • Continuous and seamless performance
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