Work Approach

Techlopes project development methodology comprises of four stages of product development that involve inception, elaboration, production and evolution. We assure outstanding results through our highly advance methodology strategy that enables you to interact efficiently with variant stages of development and their internal components. We make sure that there should be no wrinkle in the development procedure and end results through our efficient and robust policies laid across variant development sections. However, quality assurance is our ultimate priority.

First step in development methodology is inception in which the tasks of engineering and prototyping are done. System structure and designing is done during the step of elaboration. Production involves the core development, unit/module testing and trial execution. User acceptance testing support, placement & release and support & development is done at the last step of transition.

1. Requirement Engineering

Project begins with requirement engineering that enlists details of aims, stakeholders, expectations and suggestions related with project. It explains the opportunities and reasons of the project, enterprise norms and highlight risk factors.

2. Prototyping

Prototype development is the pivotal part of project inception. It analyzes and infers variant points from the communication, reference and derivation that help to develop concise wire frames. Techlopes ensures high quality outcomes of prototyping. We at Techlopes make sure that prototyping is done with great precision and around versatile product perceptions.

3. System Architecture and Designing

Prototyping leads to the project elaboration phase that involves system structure building and designing. System designing and building is the most crucial step of development. At this point we blend features of structure building with well oriented and well examined system that assures perfect designing results. Project observation, risk management, design planning and test planning are the highlighting tasks of this development phase.

4. Core Development

Core development is the first step of production phase. It involves the designing and development of web and software product centered on the overall plan and elementary project components (inferred, referred, derived or built). At the end of this development step we are able to put together all the advance technical and conceptual components that define strong and pure application.

5. Testing

Quality assurance is the vital part of software development. Testing team put all their efforts during the testing step to ensure seamless and value driven end product. Our exceptional expert developers concentrate to control, monitor, maintain and improve the quality of each development step and end product.

6. Trial Execution

Trial execution is the vital step of software development as it conforms that we have developed an extraordinary and well oriented application. This assures that the application is totally according to your needs and requirements, suits best to your environment and performs according to your desire. Trial execution phase is also pivotal as it highlights if there is any ambiguity or irregularities. If there is any issue found then the application is sent again to the testing lab, improved and presented with appropriate detail.

7. UAT Support

This is the step where user acceptance testing is launched to get authentication and qualification at your end. Transition practices are done to deliver a comprehensive and beneficial product. Modular approach of acceptance testing is the highlighting part of our UAT support. We have designed this testing program that has all the tactics and activities to satisfy your needs.

8. Deployment and Release

Acceptance test leads to the deployment and release of the solution. We not just handover the solution to you, Techlopes has a comprehensive release management system that involves handling, installing and deployment of the solution. User manual and training sessions are sometimes the part of the release management system. There is a proper sign off from both the parties at the time of final delivery.

9. Support and Maintenance

Our task is not over even after the solution has been delivered. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to you depending on the size and complexities of your project. Our support and maintenance team has all the capabilities and latest techniques to provide you the best assistance.

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