Techlopes Quality Assurance

Techlopes proficient and skillful QA resources assure excellent quality and profitable products to offer the bug free solutions.

Techlopes quality assurance practices are spread over various stages of production. We take care of the quality at different levels and keep constant on different modules. Quality is maintained throughout the process and our experts ensure better input and relating attribute for consolidated quality testing.

Our experts constantly believe that no gap is left in the standards and final product is delivered with perfection. We apply the flawless quality practices and weave them with high quality assurance system which is well aligned with quality checking parameters and development standards.

Techlopes Research and Development team continuously works to enhance quality efficiency and keep the proficiency to relate with latest technology. We strongly focus on the details and keep close watch on technical advancements and issues which may arise during the development of complex solutions. We are constantly delivering high quality propositions by constantly staying up to date with the right product.

Techlopes Quality Assurance Phases

  • Program Planning and Definition
  • Process Establishment
  • Launching, feedback, assessment and corrective action
  • Web Application design and development verification
  • Web Application and process validation

Program Planning and Definition

Everything starts with the planning. Techlopes experts let you plan the program and it paves right way for evaluation, tracking, standardization and control. Our extensive planning help us in maintaining standards and build persevering and optimized process.

Process Establishment

Process establishment include defining the tests cases, testing practices, evaluation techniques, learning and training requirements, funding and budgeting, activities scheduling, reporting, documenting and tracking. By establishing all the entities we ensure that no gap is left in the system of evaluation, execution and control.

Corrective Action

This phase offered by Techlopes deals with all quality assurance concepts to ensure best quality at all the levels. Our action begin with the test environment and checking, assessing and diagnosing resultant product through the use of test cases. Our tasks in action phase revolves around testing and analysis activities, test results generation, checklists preparation and reports generation with the relevant data.

Design and Development Verification

Techlopes system verification involves stern check over conceptual entities and its association with application characteristics and elements to decide final software product.

Process Validation

We offer the best validation and keep the most prioritized task at end of development before the delivery placement. Our validation evaluate efficacy of system before deploying it at the client premises. Techlopes quality assurance process end at the validation and after validation our final application gets ready for the deployment and it can be used by clients in various aspects of processing and performances.

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