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QlikView BI Services

Bilytica is #1 QlikView BI Services provider globally .Bilytica Qlikview consultancy allows you to explore visual view of information and helps you to manage all associations in data automatically.  Our services help you to accelerate time to value, mitigate risks and achieve better ROI . We help you to manage and implement QlikView across an enterprise that requires a special approach than traditional BI services.

Application Services:

Qlikview Consultant of Bilytica services help you to deploy more complex QlikView applications and engage you to ensure application success. We provide expertise in application design & development, connectivity and other deep and unique applications attributes. Our leading team ensures success of the specific applications and provides expansion as well.

Custom Visualization in QlikView:

Bilytica’s business-driven and customer centric approach helps you to visualize a range of objects out of the box, and provide clients a customized way of displaying their data and content from others systems. Some examples include maps, Gantt charts, or domain specific visualizations. We also assist you to make use of the powerful associative data engine in QlikView.

QlikView Development and Training:

See complete Qlikview Training course detail here. Putting right basis for a QlikView project brings much higher confidence and success rates. We provide:

  • Right initial approach to a QlikView implementation
  • Training to ensure application success
  • Software configuration along with installation
  • Monitor and measure implementations

What makes our QlikView BI services unique?

We assist users to make time-saving and accurate decision and help to understand QlikView unrestricted analysis of application data. QlikView Training helps you to create cutting-edge BI apps that user can enhance and extend as business needs change.

QLIK Challenges That We Can Help You With:

  • Qlik Server Specification
  • Qlik Solution Design
  • Qlik Application Creation and Review
  • Qlik Server Maintenance
  • Qlik Data Interrogation
  • Qlik Project Management
  • Qlik Training
  • Qlik Reporting Audit
  • Qlik Technical Delivery

Bilytica’S Qlik Consultancy:

Our Qlik Consultants have an extensive history with data and BI solutions which means they can help you throughout the entire project lifecycle, from defining business requirements to designing, implementing, optimising and administrating Qlik applications.
Using our experience, we are able to assess your needs and tailor Qlik to fit your business, ensuring that best practice is used to maximise performance and usability – allowing you to fully embrace the opportunities that Qlik offers. Our Qlik Consultants can provide support across the full range of Qlik platforms:

  • Qlik Sense
  • Qlik Analytics Platform
  • QlikView
  • Qlik Core
  • Qlik NPrinting
  • Qlik GeoAnalyitics
  • Qlik Data Market
  • Qlik Connectors

Why Choose Our Qlik Consultancy Team ? 

  • Our Qlik Consultants work closely with you, enabling you to maximize the potential of the platform and make decisions that are important to the success of your business
  • With over 100 consultants located across the UK, we have the ability to supply the right expertise and resources to complete any data project, regardless of the size or difficulty
  • We have delivered projects across a diverse range of sectors including; Banking & Financial Services, Education, Retail, Logistics, Utilities & SME’s. This range of experience means that we have the adaptability to tailor your technology to meet any requirements
  • Our approach to planning and project management ensures that we are meticulous and efficient, which ultimately saves our clients £100k’s

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