Business Intelligence Services (BI), data warehousing (DW) and big data strategies are the areas where organizations can’t justify investment during annual financial plans and revenue cycle. Bilytica’s Assessment Services help you when higher management and analysts are not on the same table regarding the efficiency of your existing Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions. Our exceptional services just give you a push to make business case for boosting your existing plan to the higher management and getting back on trajectory. Our services enable you to assess your organization’s internal tasks and put a wider picture of business intelligence (BI), data warehouse services (DW) or big data investment results in front of you. It let you know whether your investments are useful or they are just wasting your time and money. Our assessment services not only evaluate your operations and investments but also provide you comparative analysis of your antagonist companies.

Bilytica works with clear agenda to serve its clients with outstanding services that empower them to streamline their investment aims and priorities. This realignment of goals and priorities ensures fruitful designing and development of business intelligence (BI), data warehousing (DW) or big data plans and structure. Bilytica’s big data consulting services and dedicated professionals work on variant aspects of your investment and answer the questions such as which elements of the investment are working in accord with plan? Why your organization is not realizing the return on investment (ROI) and how your organization is performing as compared to your competitors? Our exceptional team evaluates/reviews your company’s objectives, plans, business aims, data, organizational setup and governance to deliver comprehensive assessment results. It assists you to cut down deployment costs and adoption delays. You can perfectly highlight incremental investment requirements and plan an efficient budget.

Bilytica Assessment service includes the following deliverables:

  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Maturity Scorecard
  • Prioritization and Opportunity Quadrant

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