Information is the most valuable asset of the digital economy. It helps customers improve efficiency, redefine business models and transform industries. Organizations must use new technologies to unlock the power of information, become smarter and more connected through automation and artificial intelligence, APIs and data automation, and drive engagement with customers, partners and employees.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions manage the creation, capture, use and eventual life cycle of structured and unstructured information. Bilytica EIM solutions are designed to help organizations extract value from their information, secure that information and comply with the growing list of compliance requirements.

Bilytica Enterprise Information Management Summary

Bilytica is the leader in Enterprise Information Management, both local and for cloud services, and offers the only complete solution for Enterprise Information Management that offers a complete view of all information within the organization.

The information management software platform of Bilytica Enterprise manages and analyzes the information, enabling the intelligent enterprise and connected with machines (automation), artificial intelligence (AI), application programming interfaces (API) and combined data management in an intelligent information core. The information of humans and machines are collected and managed, stored, accessed and extracted safely, with analysis, to obtain useful information.

Bilytica tracks unstructured content, from customer information and case files to employee information, transactions and interactions along the supply chain to information used to manage assets, such as aircraft, trains, automobiles , nuclear power plants, oil rigs and industry accelerators. as computer and innovation platforms.

Bilytica Enterprise Information Management software is available on-premises, in Bilytica Cloud or as a SaaS offering with content services available in the cloud with Bilytica OT2.

Business information management solutions

The Bilytica platform combines digital applications with an information platform to gather Content Services, Security, Business Network, IoT and the developer to optimize the customer experience, employee commitment, asset utilization and chain efficiency of supply.

Content services

As a key part of any company’s information management strategy, Bilytica’s enterprise content management (ECM) software provides content services to help connect content with digital businesses to accelerate productivity, improve governance and improve boost digital transformation With solutions ranging from smart capture to record management and archiving, Content Services connects enterprise-wide information with the people and systems that need it.

Business network

Bilytica Business Network is a platform in the cloud that facilitates efficient, secure and compatible collaboration in the digital ecosystems of people, systems and things. The platform comprises solutions that simplify the inherent complexities of business-to-business (B2B) data exchange and offer insights that drive operational efficiency, accelerate revenue time and improve customer satisfaction.


Bilytica supports the automation of digital processes and dynamic case management to enable organizations to operate at digital speed, developing, implementing and rapidly learning from digital business applications that align processes around the needs of users. Digital process automation offerings transform organizations into data-driven digital businesses. Simplify and streamline processes from the main office to the administrative office with intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and direct access to valuable business information.

Artificial intelligence

Bilytica Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes advantage of a complete set of data analysis software to identify patterns, relationships and trends through data visualizations and interactive panels. The solutions offer interactive panels and reports, actionable alerts and advanced data discovery in an enterprise-level analysis platform that enables smarter decisions, faster operations and better performance.


Bilytica Customer Experience Management (CEM) software solutions help organizations deliver intelligent and connected omni channel experiences to their customers. The Bilytica Experience platform offers a set of integrated CEM solutions that focus on the delivery of highly customized content and customer engagement along a continuous journey of the client for a successful customer experience strategy.


Bilytica  Discovery solutions offer digital gold forensics and unstructured data analysis to search, collect and investigate business data to manage legal obligations and risk. Its powerful machine learning helps legal and compliance teams quickly find critical information for litigation discovery, investigations, compliance analysis, data breach response, business projects and financial contract analysis.


Bilytica Security helps organizations address information security and digital research needs with leading digital forensic tools in the industry for endpoint detection and response. Powered by Bilytica, the platform provides 360-degree visibility through laptops, desktops and servers for the proactive discovery of sensitive data, the identification and remediation of threats and the collection and investigation of discrete data and with good forensic criteria.

Benefits of business information management

Become a smart and connected company

Equip the organization to collaborate with confidence, validate the endpoints with machines and the IoT, stay at the forefront of the regulatory technology curve, identify the threats that cross your networks, take advantage of the discovery with forensic information and obtain information and action to through artificial intelligence and automation.

Unlock the content value.

Manage and control the content of multiple sources throughout the company to obtain business information from the structured and unstructured information that exists within the organization.

Ensure compliance

Facilitate the process of compliance with global regulations, industry standards and customer mandates with the total visibility provided by the Enterprise Information Management systems in all the content of the organization.

Choose from flexible deployment options

Take advantage of the flexibility of deployment options in the cloud, local or hybrid to create customized solutions tailored to the needs of each organization.

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