By providing consulting services like data governance, data focused testing and data quality assessments, Bilytica has helped its clients build a reliable foundation for business information. Data integrity and easy accessibility are guaranteed when Bilytica is setting up a data system and in order to suit the client’s long-term business needs and ambitions, a set of customized tools and infrastructure is selected. A thorough assessment of the client’s existing business structure, future strategic plans, and data architecture is done by our consultants before taking an initiative of any data center.

Bilytica provides its clients with recommendations grouped into tactical initiatives, strategic initiatives, and quick fixes. Bilytica not only help its clients prioritize issues but also allow them to take the best course of action in order to build a long-term data solution, along with ensuring that immediate data and testing needs are met. Companies are assured of quality in transformation, distribution, use and data generation, with the help of Bilytica’s Data Focused Testing which offers specialized services. The solution is tailored as per the client’s specific needs and the process is wrapped up with the tools after evaluation, our consultants then leaves the project with a client; confident in a solution which is thoroughly tested, well planned and uniquely their own.

Key Features of Bilytica Data Quality Analysis

  • Bilytica Data Quality Analysis provides a comprehensive data connectivity making it easy to connect and read from any database, packaged enterprise or file.
  • It provides statistical profiling which is generating statistics on null values, duplicates, key values and etc.
  • It also provides with textual and numeric analysis of data.
  • Bilytica Data Quality Analysis provides users with the current state as well as the recommended set of action for the data.
  • It provides with pattern-based analysis which checks whether the data is conformed to the standardized patterns.
  • It provides real-time monitoring of data be it new or old.
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