Most organization embarks on migration initiatives from time-to-time for different factors. Some of the most common scenarios are:

  • Moving to newer legacy platform/ application, resulting in data migration.
  • Migration from one BI/ETL tool to another.
  • Version upgrades of BI/ETL tool.

We have a number of success stories scripted over the years and have specialized offerings for the above.

bilytica has specialized offerings for the above. We have a number of success stories scripted over the years.

Data Migration from legacy application to a new application

Migration of BI Platform – Bilytica BI Migration framework

Version upgrade of BI / ETL tool

Commonly, version upgrade of ETL/BI tool is given by the product vendor. The knowledge base of learning which can be leveraged by the customers in their actual run is built by us. The real challenge in such upgrades is the validation. Validation of pre and post state becomes a nightmare if the customer has multiple Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Jobs and Business Intelligence (BI) reports.
Keeping in mind the end goal to address this, we have thought of a set of accelerators that would help the customer to automate this validation along with saving money and effort.


  • Automated migration validation of BI platforms: The process of validating pre and post migration Business Intelligence (BI) reports is automated.
  • Automated migration validation of ETL platforms: The process of validating the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) jobs pre and post migration is validated, along with simulating and automating the validation of these runs, and leveraging the Metadata of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).
  • BI inventory consolidation: The process of rationalization of Business Intelligence (BI) reports before doing the migration is also automated.
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