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Poor organizational planning can affect the overall organizational structure as well as the particular business units. You cannot just sit back, relax and enjoy the profit after once starting the BI and big data initiatives. Poor strategic planning can lead your business to long term negative impacts. Bilytica has designed organization planning services that provide seamless strategies that help you to monitor and observe that how novel methodologies effect the routine organization operations. Our exceptional services equip you with remarkable plans that enable you to bring your IT and business departments in to line and introduce all latest business intelligence (BI), big data and data warehousing (DW) procedures. We help you to build your business a center of excellence by slicing down the bigger picture of your business into smaller chunks. We do not implement changes at once but we let the business to first observe that how their organizational operations in terms of technology, data, business, applications, data governance, roles and responsibilities will work if those changes are implemented.

Our experts not only deliver you the smooth plans but also guide you to avoid disruptions when there is alteration in functions, roles and responsibilities. Our dedicated team remains in constant touch with you until your operations are completely shifted to other units and become more automated. We help you to compare your existing procedures with past and future initiatives through blue prints created by our specialists. Our professionals assemble existing organization data, conduct interviews and focus group, highlight titles, roles and responsibilities to design beneficial organizational plan. They define frame work for perfect BI model.

Bilytica organization planning services serve your business with following benefits:

  • Organizational charts (enterprise-wide, to the required level of detail)
  • Current role/responsibility matrix
  • Information delivery flow diagram, linked to the roles/responsibility matrix
  • Initial Proposed (desired state) role/responsibility matrix/diagram
  • Introductory Proposed organization (including BI application focus groups and other input constituents)

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