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Banking Analytics: Grow with Bilytica

Sales can be generated along with creating a differentiated customer experience with the help of banks that can transform vast amount of data into valuable information, in such an increasingly competitive market. The key source of competitive advantage for quite a long time now is the ability to use quantitative data to shape decisions and outcomes. Yet, for some banks, information remains an underused and overlooked resource.

As customers request more qualified data and expect more personalized encounters, it is crucial for banks to have the capacity to segment clients, taking into account, their needs, channel propensity and potential worth. Banks now need to cut costs, retain customers, reduce losses and reduce risk while complying changing laws and regulations. Bilytica’s banking and analytics give a deep insight of the banking procedures as well as the cash flow and investments, which assist in better financial planning and controlling.
Banks utilize our solutions in the following ways:

  • Track the value of investments and savings with the help of web-based tools provided for clients and salespeople.
  • What-if analysis is provided to help clients understand the effects of changes in investment decisions.
  • With the help of interactive banking dashboards, you can also monitor loans and manage risks across the geographies.
  • Through recovery and collections modelling there is a significant increase in the receivables.
  • Produce reports dynamically on outstanding accounts that require attention.
  • Enhance customer retention, cross-selling and acquisition.
  • Pricing structures are optimized.
  • Allows banks to manage risk more efficiently by reducing fraud and credit losses as well as making risk-aware decisions.
  • Through integration with relationship management architecture, customer insights are gained.
  • In order to improve redemption rates and contact rates real-time event management is implemented.
  • It is specialized in data-driven business strategies; prospering your business.

Investment Analysis

With the help of Bilytica Analytics you can give your customers the tools to monitor and manage their investments, including the ability to do what-if analyses to drive better decisions. Empower your customers with dashboards that are rich in data and have a few simple controls.

Sample dashboard below allows a potential consumer to evaluate the value of an investment made in stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). By selecting their date of investment and investment value, and defining which of the Dow Jones component stocks they are interested in investing, users can immediately see their nominal gain/losses from such investment.
Use this application to evaluate whether an earlier investment would have led to a substantial gain or how your portfolio would have looked if you invested in an industry specific vs. a diversified portfolio. Users can quickly understand the basics of investments and make more educated decisions.

Flexible Bank Dashboard

Banks need to keep a steady eye on exactly what is happening at every level of the business. This is true for those who work both at the corporate level and the branch level – simple transparency allows you to see areas for improvement more clearly.

we enable you to monitor your loans sales across the country and where you can reduce risk, either by improving collections or adjusting your product mix. You can also produce reports on the fly for salespeople to identify and contact important accounts.
This dashboard allows you to drill through your loan portfolio at different levels of detail to discover what is happening in your portfolio. You can dynamically select whether to summarize results based on different geographical levels (Region, State, or Branch), whether the map shows Days Outstanding or Loan Types, and whether to focus on All Loans, Paid Loans or Outstanding Loans.
Right click on any mark to generate a detailed report for that location on the next tab.

Monitor Credit Card Inventory

Often, banks will have hundreds of different customer profiles and dozens of products across their credit portfolio. In order to keep losses to a minimum, bankers need to know what is happening in their portfolio at all times.

This visualization is part of a credit tracking system that allows bankers to identify problem accounts and recognize opportunities. The first tab is a view of inventory by RMS status. The user can select a code and then view average balance over time.

The second tab profiles credit usage by age group and state. Users can analyze measures like balance, number of cards, utilization and credit limit.

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