Big Data Framework

Bilytica Big Data Consultants and solution experts have played a vital role in Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics evolution in the last few years with many successful implementations. We have made a great reputation due to our understanding that more data you get better will be the quality of the solution which you can produce. Volume of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data is increasing at an enormous pace in most of the organizations and Bilytica is continues to ride ahead of curve through incorporation of various types of traditional and new data within the Bilytica Big Data Framework. Traditional data may include complex data which comes from different sources like emails, blogs, internet search, sensor data/ logs and social media platforms.

Bilytica Big Data framework answer all the questions like:

  • When and where you can make your data a comprehensive strategic advantage?
  • Why you need the support of Big Data Analytics?
  • Which tools do you need to achieve your goals?
  • How to get the desired results in minimum possible timeframe?

Bilytica Big Data framework is proven and well defined methodology which is designed to support the organizations which want to harness Big Data Power but they are struggling for a feasible solution.

Bilytica Big Data Platform Phases

  • Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Integration
  • Realization


Strategy include the following steps:

  • Opportunities identification
  • Business Case Definition
  • Governance and ownership determination
  • Solution Architecture Determination
  • Big Data Roadmap


Architecture includes:

  • Data
  • Processes
  • Analytics
  • Visualization
  • Tools and Infrastructure
  • Integration Roadmap


  • Architecture
  • Infrastructures
  • Channels and Data
  • Cloud Integration
  • Best practices and methodology


  • Increased Visibility
  • Strategic Insights
  • Value Realization
  • Predictability

Bilytica proprietary Big Data methodology is completely based on Strategy, Architecture, Integration and Realization platforms for planning, designing, building and implementing Big Data analytic programs. Bilytica reliable and effective framework is currently in use in many leading organizations which help these organizations realize the business benefits of Big Data usage for addressing the complete picture including technologies, people and processes.

Bilytica Big Data Framework basically focus on achieving qualitative solutions along with the meeting of quantitative targets to help an organization make smart strategic decisions. All the clients who are in search of a mechanism to develop a perfect understanding of the markets for their future growth and success and they want to ensure proliferation of the relevant data sources with new tools and technologies for storing, managing and accessing the data must opt for Bilytica Big Data Framework as it is the right answer for their concerns.

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