Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

There are several challenges faced by businesses who compete in Consumer Packaged Goods industry, most of all is the challenge of managing multifaceted supply chain with distinct service requirements, juggling expanding product portfolios, ensuring compliance with strict regulations and reporting requirements. The consumer packaged goods industry is dependent on; effective, targeted marketing campaigns, efficient distribution network, accurate, timely market research, and sales force to execute the enterprise strategy and accomplish targets and plans.

Added to the modifications in industry dynamics, CPG and food companies are also dealing with rising consumer expectations of increasingly customized product offerings delivered through an expanding number of channels.

  • Understand the impact of SMA Representative Visits to stores.
  • Ensure a perfect blend of technology, procedures and individuals to streamline business technique, as well as expense and resource allocation.
  • Provide business intelligence to monitor and analyse results, metrics, and strategic, operational and tactical performance.
  • Improve collaborative business processes and identify profitable partners.
  • Track pre-and post-visit data with On Shelf Availability (OSA%) and Shelf Voids along with avoiding Out of Stocks (OOS).
  • Provide capacity to handle complex and large data elements in various data schemes spread over a wide geographic distribution for risk acknowledgment and trend analysis.
  • Provide an integrated view of customer feedback, new product planning, marketing campaigns, sales targets, results, trends and market research.
  • Control costs, discover profitable growth opportunities and identify redundancies.
  • Ensures precise, timely data for better insight into revenues and expenses for maximized profitability and confident decision.
  • Monitors, analyses and provides key performance indicators (KPIs) on sales by, region, distributor, partner, sales representative or product using intuitive business intelligence reports and personalised BI dashboards.
  • Monitor results as well as streamline sales and marketing expenses.
  • Provide administrators with a complete view into the health of the organization through monitoring KPIs.
  • See all KPIs across a single retailer or highlight a single KPI across all retailers.
  • Promotions effectiveness is evaluated.

Key Performance Indicators Monitoring

Don’t let your Out of Stock and OSA% get out of hand. Get an instant view of the health of an entire organization.
You can target specific retailers for all KPIs (geographic level management) or individual KPIs across all retailers
(subject area management).Our solutions show you the overall health of an organization in a single view while allowing
for customized views for different levels of management. Managers can customize a view by excluding KPIs and retailer(s).

SMA Impact Analysis

This view allows retail shelf management team to see SMA impact, at the rep visit level.
It could be used to evaluate SMA expense or pinpoint where there are opportunities to improve the supply chain process.
It could also be used in negotiations with retailers on stocking effectiveness.
The retail shelf management team needs to understand the impact of the SMA rep visits, to determine value in the SMA
process, as well as to be able to take action based on the output.This view lets you evaluate the
SMA impact by Territory or filter to a particular brand by clicking in the text view on the top left. The wider the gap
between Call Start and Call End, the more effective the rep has been.

Promotion Effectiveness

This dashboard lets you monitor the impact of various pricing promotions.
The bars are in time order: each bar represents the sales volume for a week.
Bars are for the five weeks prior to a promotion, the week of the promotion, and the following two weeks.
The goal is to see a significant lift in the week of the promotion, and some lift in the following weeks.

Select a promotional item to view its effectiveness.

Price Elasticity

This workbook allows the user to select the price change of one product, then uses the price elasticity
of all products to show how that price change will affect sales quantities across the board.

The view on the top shows the effect of price changes over the entire product line. Elastic products, or
products that have a large sensitivity to price changes, are shown in the top left, whereas inelastic
products are shown in the bottom right.

The view on the bottom shows the detailed effect of the price change on the selected product.
The bars show the running total of excess demand, while the lines show the units that have been sold,
shipped the difference between the two and the current inventory.

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