Customer Analysis

Customer Segmentation & Profile

Customer segmentation and profile plays a pivotal role in highlighting your resources and in identifying your high or low profit customers, during the process of any product introduction in market or launch of marketing campaign. Demographic segmentation and advanced clustering segmentation techniques allow you to have 360 degree view of market and customers’ needs, behaviors and demographics. It let you to scrutinize your each and every step of strategic planning and you can predict well.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value provides you the best services to let you earn and retain your customers. Its two key traits of Customer Acquisition & Retention and Targeted Marketing enable you to learn customer needs and demands. It allows you to concentrate more on your profitable bunch of customers and earn their loyalty. It ultimately helps you to foretell and enhance your company’s performance.

Customer Retention, Loyalty & Churn

Customer retention and loyalty are the key points to measure your business performance. You belong to whatever industry; customer retention has always been the focal point. Organizations need to optimize and identify the elements that lead to customer churn. Solution’s versatile modeling framework let you to know individual customer’s preferences. It enables you to highlight your weaknesses and let you to define customer retention strategies beforehand.

Cross Selling & Upselling

Cross selling and upselling enables you to identify and target potential customers. Its key features of Acquisition pattern analysis and Collaborative filtering allows you to have past and present customer behavior. It minimizes acquisition cost and maximizes customer lifetime value. You can easily design cross selling and up selling strategies according to potential and target customers. Analytics tools and techniques also enable you to optimize customers buying behavior.

Market Basket Analysis & Product Bundling

Market basket analysis let you to highlight the most profit making products. These analysis reports equip you with all important facts which let you to make recommendations and design cross selling & up selling strategies. Its amazing feature of Assortment Planning and shelf Storage allows you to plan perfect assortment mixes according to latest market trends. Target market analysis enables you to tailor everything according to requirements of each segment. Measure and scrutinize each segment’s performance with ease and accuracy.

Recommendation Engine & Next Best Action

Recommendation engine & best next action is to comfort your customers that allow them to have best and smooth buying experience. Product recommendation engine shows relevant information, type and products according to the individual browser’s taste. You can also define best next action depending on visitor’s actions. You can create best experience for you customers by approaching them through channel of their demand. You can easily learn customer preferences through models identifying life event patterns, buying behavior, social media interactions and much more.

Sentiment Analysis/ Voice of Customer

Voice of customer let you to know what your customers think about your products and services. It let you to know positive, negative or neutral comments of your customers through any channel of communication. Social media opinion mining allows you to get real picture and perception of people about your product and services.

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