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Your business can only succeed if you have the right insight and data, it doesn’t matter what your enterprise is, be it, a primary educational institute, a college, university or a trade school. You need to establish a strategy, manage your financial plan and budgetary data, comply with industry and government regulations and analyse results to enhance current and future performance. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, alumni, and legislators all require performance and analysis evaluation on all levels within an educational business environment. Each has a different set of requirements and plays an important role in the success and growth of the enterprise. If for some reasons the enterprise cannot completely understand its results and improve and sustain satisfaction among all stakeholders, it is at risk for failure.

  • Improve student retention and recruitment.
  • Student performance is monitored against mandates and regulations.
  • Financial performance is improved with full insight into results and full forecasting capability.
  • Timely access to critical information for assessing educator qualification, establishing and monitoring metrics to measure the success of programs and curriculum and monitoring performance against targets.
  • Provide online communication and information sharing for parents, students and teachers including curriculum, events, student loans, articles, publications, schedules, assignments and performance scorecards.
  • Leverage investments in existing resources and infrastructure by incorporating data from existing sources.
  • Provide a 360° view of staff and student profiles, services, sales, marketing, products, and other information.
  • Transparency in day-to-day operations is ensured.
  • Develop and analyse services manage risk, campus security, staffing, student population growth and other factors as well as perform analysis to find and retain the most profitable customers,
  • A greater regulatory oversight is provided with records management and process optimisation.
  • Create a basic, intuitive reporting system with information coordinated from all enterprise data sources and present and share data in a customized dashboard and alerts view to achieve significant insight into financial and operational results.
  • Optimise funding while maintaining regulatory compliance along with balancing financial and budgetary risk.
  • Teachers are provided with immediate, data-driven feedback on student performance.
  • Sophisticated district, school and teacher evaluations are created and shared.
  • Interactive reports are placed online for parents and local public.

Student Performance Analysis

Effectively monitor and analyze student test performance
Keeping track of test performance at the individual level is vital to identifying students who need help and making sure they receive it. However, it is often challenging to roll out a solution that enables that kind of insight for everyone.
Unlike static education reporting tools, this dashboard allows any teacher district-wide to filter down to their class and view test performance over time. The table on the left quickly identifies outliers on the most recent test and allows teachers to select individual students to see how their scores have trended over time. When the next set of tests come in and are loaded into the database, the report will automatically update – no action needed!

Enrollment Statistics Analysis

Understand and share enrollment statistics in minutes
What does the student body look like? A simple question with a complex answer.
The dashboard that you see here is connected to an enrollment spreadsheet containing detailed demographic and categorical information. Administrators and teachers can filter down to the state, district or school that interests them. What was once dozens of reports for dozens of schools is now an interactive tool that anyone in the school system can filter down to the data that is relevant to them.

Sharing the report with those that need it can be accomplished through Tableau Server. Simply publish and send a link – anyone with access can view and interact with the dashboard through a web browser.

Teacher Evaluations

Administrators need to perform complex evaluations to address missed targets before they become ingrained issues.
The dashboard you see here takes advantage of Tableau’s easy one-click interactivity to allow administrators and teachers to drill down into the data that interests them. Simply click on a school to view a histogram of performance by teacher, and a detailed distribution of every classroom. Outliers are immediatpop-up-btnely apparent, allowing you to rapidly identify and help the teachers that have struggling classrooms.

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