Fraud & Risk

Market Risk Management

Market risk management enables you to avoid, identify and handle fraud. It allows you to make intelligent decisions, increase return on capital and enhance business performance. You can manage risks associated with development, deployment and maintenance of convoluted models of risk management, valuation and financial reporting purposes. It provides the services of value at risk assessment, scenario analysis, potential future exposure, volatility correction and much more. It also expands across the areas of governance, risk & compliance, model development & validation, asset liability management, risk monitoring & reporting and risk based decision making. It reviews risk management structure, policies and infrastructure to aware you and equip you with survival strategies before handed.

Credit Risk Management

Credit risk management allows you to perform risk measurement through estimation of probability of default, risk assessment through cooperate & retail scoring model and risk identification through diagnostic review analysis. Its applications include governance, risk compliance, model development & validation, credit VAR estimation framework, risk monitoring & reporting and risk based decision making.

Operational Risk Management

Operational risk management allows decision makers to retain business growth and value by fully understanding business data extracted from internal systems and other barometers. It enables you to enhance business performance by ensuring transparency and accountability across the organization. It serves you with exceptional services like operational process reviews, risk control evaluation, credit & collateral management, data integration and fraud risk assessment. Operational risk management key components are governance, risk & compliance, risk identification, risk assessment & measurement, risk control & mitigation and risk monitoring & reporting.

Retail Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is essential for retailers to retain customer trust and avoid loss. You can develop appropriate priorities for case management and investigation through comprehensive analysis of transactions and business activities. Retail fraud detection spans across the areas of ethnical cultural assessment, monitoring & analyzing loss prevention metrics, root cause analysis, vendor monitoring, estimating modeling, retail shrinkage and profiling. Cash loss can be minimized when analytics are used with markdown systems price optimization systems, business intelligence reporting and price modeling.

Insurance Fraud Detection

Insurance fraud detection allows you to identify the frauds that affect not only the insurers but also the people who are waiting to seek effective insurance coverage. It lessens the burden of fraudulent claims on insurer. It tackles the medical billing fraud by identifying excessive billing, excessive number of procedures, multiple billing and duplicate charges. It can also deal with claim frauds and life insurance frauds as it notifies you whenever anything wrong is going to be happened.

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