With the help of Bilytica analytics you can explore and understand high volumes of data from games in minutes. You can do anything from analysing characters and player statistics, or monitoring software releases and bug fixes. Bilytica provides an easy-to-use solutions for your game development and gain insights about how characters perform with a game. It helps you design customized character for your specified game requirements which is one of the most difficult aspect of game development. It provides dashboards for feedback from users and errors are immediately handled in order to avoid any inconvenience and delay for the users. It allows you to do your own ad-hoc analysis as well as game play analysis.

Bilytica solution allows you to visually identify the ‘hot spots’ of gamers and introduce twists to improve the gameplay. It provides dashboard that tracks player behaviour of any game. It also allows you to filter through individual playing sessions or view all at once to get a sense for patterns of play, highlighting specific characters and learn the trends for that character. It provides with most effective game play strategies and analyse which character are most popular. Bilytica game development solutions provide you with dashboards that give a deep insight of the players, their preferences, gameplay, age, gender and how they interact with your game.

  • Discover insights about how players interact with your games.
  • Learn which strategies are most effective and which characters are most popular.
  • In order to understand how users move through your game portfolio guided analysis are built.
  • With the help of Bilytica solution interactively query millions of rows of data.
  • Streamlines customer trends and generate high revenues by placing adds-ons and advertising.

Character Analysis

Character design is one of the toughest aspects of game development. On the one hand you want to diversify your characters to give them specific roles or themes. On the other hand, a character may appear too strong or too weak relative to other characters or within the game itself. This imbalance in game mechanics can lead to many frustrations from your gaming community.
Analyze character data in Bilytica solution to do your own ad-hoc analysis. Explore patterns that emerge from thousands of players. Filter through characters to find specifics about matchups or team compositions.

Bilytica solution is an easy-to-use visual environment that lets you ask questions about your characters. Why is Character A chosen more than Character B? Drill down to the underlying data. Does Character B just sucks or is there more to it? It all happens in a simple workbook that any Excel user can quickly master.
This dashboard lets you explore the character performance in a war-type game where two or more teams try to conquer each other. Using Bilytica solution you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of team composition.
As you investigate further, our solution allows you to gain insights about how characters perform and feed that back into the game design process. You can correlate character data with player data to find out if certain characters lead to players playing more often or playing a wider variety of games.

Game Play Analysis

Many online gaming companies gather huge volumes of game interaction data, but few actually use this information to make games stickier. Our solution gives you the ability to plot specific in-game events on a background image or map so you can get a better understanding of player behavior. You can use linked views to track game time and character performance, and highlight across them to get a full view of game play.
Bilytica solution allows you to visually identify the ‘hot spots’ of gamers and make tweaks to improve gameplay. Interact with your data and discover what gamers are really interested in.
This dashboard tracks player behavior of a hockey video game. You can filter through individual playing sessions or view all at once to get a sense for patterns of play. Highlight specific characters and learn the trends for that character. Discover exploits or bugs within your game if gamers are consistently shooting from one area. Determine the tempo of the game using a time series analysis and tweak it to optimize value.

Customer Insight

The Holy Grail of gaming is customer insight. Are men or women paying? How old are they? When do they play? How do they play? What do they buy? How long are they engaged?
Knowing this detail means holding the keys to your own kingdom. Games become more engaging because the activity can be more tailored. They also become more lucrative because now you can offer add-ons and advertising that zeros in on a target audience.
You’re likely already capturing all the data needed to get this insight. With Bilytica solutions, you can easily and quickly analyze it so you can take action.
In this sample dashboard dig into who is playing on weekends and purchasing add-ons. At a glance you’ll know how much they spend how long they’re playing and that they’re mostly men in their thirties and forties.

Revenue Insights

Understand how customers progress from player to customer
Do you have a game development tool that allows you to understand the progression cycles and purchasing habits of your player base?
This dashboard shows the progression players make from level to level through a game. Click it then choose the stage and baseline goal so you can see which stages and levels are effectively funneling people through the game, and those where players drop off.
The scatterplot on the right shows revenue by player and minutes spent in gameplay – which shows a strong correlation. Combining these analyses, along with demographic data in the bottom right corner, lets you develop a complete game design strategy to funnel players to high revenue levels.

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