Whether your enterprise is a primary educational institution, a college, university or a trade school, your business can only succeed if you have the insight and data. You need to establish a strategy, manage your budget and financial information, comply with industry and government regulations and analyse results to improve current and future performance. Performance and analysis evaluation is required on all levels within an educational business environment, e.g., students, parents, teachers, administrators, alumni, and legislators. Each plays an important role in the success and growth of the enterprise and each has a different set of requirements. If the enterprise cannot fully

understand its results and improve and sustain satisfaction among all stakeholders, it is at risk for failure.

  • Improve student recruitment and retention
  • Monitor student performance against mandates and regulations
  • Improve financial performance with full insight into results and full forecasting capability
  • Timely access to critical information for monitoring performance against targets, assessing educator qualification and establishing and monitoring metrics to measure the success of programs and curriculum
  • Provide online communication and information sharing for teachers, parents and students including performance scorecards, curriculum, events, student loans, articles, publications, schedules and assignments.
  • Ensure transparency in day-to-day operations.
  • Provide greater regulatory oversight with process optimisation and records management.
  • Leverage investments in existing resources and infrastructure by integrating data from existing sources.
  • Produce BI Reports for administrators, regulators and stakeholders on performance, revenue, demographics and other factors.
  • Analyze student data: enrollment statistics, achievement, and demographics.
  • Target areas of the country for alumni activities and development.
  • rovide a 360째 view of student and staff profiles, products, services, sales, marketing and other information.
  • Prepare Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and other reporting.

Evaluate student performance against institutional goals

It’s easy to collect statistics on the average SAT scores for the incoming class, but slicing those metrics by gender, school, ethnicity, and home town is a different story. You can also set institutional targets and track how you are trending towards those targets.
This dashboard lets you explore student performance across year, gender, and College. Deans or department chairs would use this dashboard to monitor performance goals to see if the incoming classes are measuring up to university standards.

The upper visualization shows incoming students by SAT percentile and College so you can compare profiles across Colleges.
The lower view shows a distribution of SAT scores for students in the university. A reference line depicts the overall average of the whole class. The entire dashboard can be filtered by class year and gender.

Measure and optimize Alumni Performances

Alumni donations are the financial backbone for many institutions. Giving is becoming increasingly important as state subsidies and tuition-based income dwindle each year. With Tableau you can find trends and patterns in alumni giving behavior and target the highest-opportunity regions or groups.
This dashboard helps you make decisions about who to target for alumni development. The top views shows the average donation per person compared to that person’s giving capacity, both as an absolute amount (left side) and as a % of capacity (right side).

The lower left is a simple time trend depicting the average donation per person for each school in the university. The lower right view is map of the total number of alumni (size of marks) and the average giving capacity per alumnus (color) in each state.
By bringing all these analyses together in the same dashboard, you can ask very complex analytical questions. You can also filter the entire dashboard to target alumni with certain degrees or graduates of certain schools.

Space Use Analysis : See, understand and optimize the resources on your campus

Making the most out of your facilities can be a challenging multi-dimensional problem. Campus planners must balance the needs of different users while allowing for maintenance and future planning.
This view was created in minutes by connecting to existing building use data and overlaying it on top of a standard campus map. Wondering which buildings Engineering is currently using? Just click on the department name and the visualization interactively updates to show space use patterns.
Sharing this report with other planners and staff is as easy as publishing to your secure Tableau Server. Anyone can then view and interact with the visualization through a browser- no plug-in required.

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