Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics ensures smooth, seamless and accurate process of delivery. It let you to have deep insight of how your supply management is performing. You can optimize each and every step from order placement to supply to ensure that you perform at right place and at right time. With us you can have an integrated, smart, intelligent, ductile and swift supply chain. Operation analytics not only cut down warehouse, transportation and inventory cost but also manages your talent, data and financial accounts. The exceptional and amazing traits of supply chain analytics such as metrics & dashboards, planning & scheduling, network optimization, working capital management and outsourcing enables you to manage your supply chain with credibility and accountability.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting makes you able to cope with swiftly increasing customer demands. Latest tools and techniques of demand forecasting such as predictive algorithms let you to foretell needs and demands on the basis of internal and external factors, rapidly and economically. This forecasting ensures that your supply chain is capable and equips to cater these dynamic demands. POS, deviation analysis, dashboards & customized solutions, improved forecast and forecast blend with marketing and promotions enable you to showcase your exceptional and distinguished sales history, which ultimately influence your performance.

Inventory Management

Inventory management enables you to manage your inventory levels while meeting customer demands and retaining your service standards. You can automate processes of data cleansing, forecasting, safety calculations and order generation to ensure flawless inventory management. Its ultimate aim is to optimize tradeoff between stock values, order quantity and frequency for more profitability. With segmentation strategies, safety stock recommendations, process automation and inventory optimization & mitigating supply chain risk, you can have seamless inventory management.

Transport Logistics

Transport logistics enables you to meet fluctuating need patterns and expanding base of suppliers & partners with improved network strategies. Activities like fleet management, route optimization, load planning, fleet sizing and freight cost reconciliation let you to experience strong ROI improvements. It’s modules of route optimization & backhaul, shipment scheduling, carrier selection, dashboards, distribution centers and transport contract compliance assures flawless supply chain performance without any stumbling block.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing enables supply chain managers to utilize real time supplier performance management data to raise the standard of sourcing strategy. It provides comprehensive analysis report from initial screening to present risk management. Commodity specific sourcing approach let you to work and map plans according to company’s aims and objectives, which ensures higher chances of success. Spend analysis enables you to scrutinize your payment procedures and let the management to have vivid view of company’s expenses. Vendor performance & risk management, market assessment, strategic sourcing and spend analysis are the key areas which let you to have an exceptional sourcing strategy.

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