Pricing & Sales Analytics

Dynamic Pricing & Optimization

Pricing and sales analytics allows you to conduct cross product foretelling, design malleable models, create rice optimization situations, and build solution to execute real time pricing decisions totally based on current market conditions. It enables you to optimize pricing which is the most powerful tool is to pump productivity and profitability. You can create price optimization models and powerful pricing platforms blend with multichannel which can let you to understand the effect of price differentials on market share. Its applications enable you to optimize price and sales of your business.

Promotional Pricing

Promotional pricing optimization enables you to stay ahead and beat you market peers by offering best promotion to your customers. Amalgamation of data analysis and promotional strategies let you to select items and offers that are profitable. It let you to merchandize activities through quantity promotional strategies, measure net impact, implements accurate forecasting methods, discount pricing and quantifying affinity & product bundling.

Profitability Analysis

Profitability analysis let the business to raise the graphs of sales and profits by amplifying services, reducing costs and shifting channel plans. This analysis enables you to map actionable plans which ultimately widen the profit margins. Cost profit volume analysis allows you to mine profit opportunities across products consumers, sales organizations and channels. Improved customer, product and channel mixes enables you to lessen cost. It also assists stakeholders to identify and resolve cost to serve issues.

Value Based Pricing

Value base pricing allows you to measure the value of your offering; by doing so you can have a better idea to develop offer that can command higher price. The attractive value offered to the customers will ultimately influence them to pay higher for your products and services. Our pricing optimization equip you with latest tools and techniques such as value in use analysis, value mapping, cross price flexibility, conjoint analysis and discrete choice modeling. These techniques help you to measure the actual value of your offering to customers.

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